About us

About us

Who isn’t familiar with it?
That feeling you get when you are on holiday in France…
“This would be a nice place to live!”
Peeping through brokers’ shop-windows every year, taking the familiar booklets with you.
Once you’ve returned home, the issues of the day take over again and the feeling ebbs away…

It wasn’t any different in our case. However, starting a B&B in the South of France was an idea that would not go away.
So we went to the Second Home Fair.
We did have two conditions: the house had to be in the Provence and it had to be possible to turn it into a B&B…
In the Provence we lost our hearts over the 10 years we visited B&Bs in France, Italy and Spain.

Four weeks after the fair we left for the Vaucluse/Var. On the fourth day we had already made our choice…
Tere de Lumière was built in an old olive grove, consisting of restanques that have remained intact. With its modern style with a ‘Provençal flavour’ it blends perfectly into its surroundings. With a view “à couper le souffle”, the Provence is at your feet. The house was purposely built to become a B&B. With its spacious modern living room, generous guest rooms and perfect quality of construction, it was exactly what we were looking for!

What we do even more?

At the moment, we have a furniture business in addition to B&B Terre de Lumière, Kees Verhouden Meubelen  in the village of Oirschot in North Brabant. A furniture showroom, a furniture-making shop and a paint shop. Kees holds sway here and we make customised furniture; in addition to our own label CASE we are also a dealer of a number of fine brands. Our activities in Oirschot and France can easily be combined: in France, the peak period is in the summer, in the Netherlands it is in the winter.

To be well prepared before we started, we both obtained the catering diploma Social Hygiene, the Hygiene Code HACCP certificate and the Allergen Declaration.

Hoping to see you soon,
Kees and Elma Verhouden